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About Me

My Story

Music Producer, Performer, Prophet, and Star Developer!

deBowat Reveur is an award-winning music educator, performer, composer, and artist developer. deBowat obtained a Master's in Music Education  from the University of Michigan in 2016. His  research and interest in the pressing need for transdisciplinary artist development, multidisciplinary music making that includes the student's personal knowledge and identity about how to make music,  is linked strongly to his teaching philosophies in the music studio. My work experience allows me to connect and network with multiple groups of people through compassion.  To develop effective music community outreach, one must lead with compassion first! Which are essential in curating a well-informed musical society, from which the world may benefit.


While teaching in Venezuela, he decided to develop online resources for music artists and musicians to develop their music-making and artistry.  He currently teaches instrumental music lessons, beat-making, and song compositions while performing and composing full opera productions.

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