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Custom Beats and Music Composition by deBowat Reveur

Get original beats and compositions for your next hit song.

“The wise musicians are those who play what they can master.”

-Duke Ellington

Professional Beats Made Just for You

Music appeals to our innermost emotions. If you want to trigger strong feelings like love with your song, you need quality music composition. Apart from having the right lyrics in your head, you should add a great beat for your song to be perfect. But composing the right beat for your song is no easy task.

This is where our professional music producer comes in. DeBowat Reveur offers custom music beats for sale. When composing, he personalizes the beats to fit what you are looking for. From hip hop beats to jazz beats, our music composer creates original and enjoyable pieces that will suit a song. Regardless of where you live on the continent, you can simply send your tracks and he’ll work on them.

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Our Musical Production Process


Step One: Listen to Tracks

Our production service starts with listening to your demo tapes. This allows our music composer to listen to your ideas and think of ways to complement them. It also helps determine if our style of music production is a good fit for your project.

Step Two: Planning

Once we have a clear understanding of your ideas for the project, we can start planning the music production process with you. We can help you pick the right songs for the record. What’s more, we can work with you to find the perfect song arrangements. For example, we can determine the right length for your bridge, restructure your chorus, and more.

Step Three: Strategize on Production Arrangements

This is the most important part of music production. We will give you our professional advice on the production arrangements. With your input, we can make decisions about the instrumentals that suit the song.


Step Four: Seek Collaboration

If need be, we can make suggestions of the most appropriate artists you can work with to make the record a hit.


Step Five: Final Mixing

After finalizing plans and collaborations, our music producer will work on getting the perfect beat in a matter of days or weeks. Whether you want your song to be dreamy or upbeat, our music producer will find the right beat for your song.

Choose deBowat Reveur for Your Next Beat

Over the past decade, our music composer has created high-quality beats for independent artists, singers, rappers, and even companies. As an award-winning music composer, performer, and artist developer, he incorporates meditation, spirituality, and mindfulness in his production process. His goal is to create music that stands out and speaks directly to emotion. Additionally, he offers musical arranging and transcriptions.


Top-Rated Music Producer: Get Custom Beats Today

Do you have a killer song that needs the right beat to complete it?

deBowat Reveur has got you covered. He’ll listen to your piece and add custom beats to the composition that can make your song a blast. Whether you’re a jazz artist, rapper, or pop singer, we’ve got the right beat for you. Get in touch and we’ll add deBowat's magical touch to your song.

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