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Ghost Writer


“The best musicians know this music isn't about "schools" at all. Like my father says, "There's only one school, the school of 'Can you play?”
-Wynton Marsalis

Allow Me to Create the Music of Your Desires

Music is more than a pleasing flow to the ears. It’s an art form. It’s a platform for creativity and for the birth of creative expression, describing your joy and your pain. Music brings us all together, but it’s lyrics that free our souls. Lyrics can make your innermost feelings and emotions known to everyone.


Knowing how important lyrics are in music, sourcing for the finest lyrics for your next music project should be a top priority. Guess what? You do not have to go through the hassle of writing your music, you can outsource to an experienced songwriter. Of course, you will take the credit!


I am a renowned music ghostwriter with remarkable years of experience writing songs anonymously for independent artists, musicians, instrumentalists, rappers and music companies.


Let me turn your different ideas into the genius of a song. I have extensive experience in music ghostwriting in different niches, especially in hip hop and rap. It will amaze you that the music I create will meet your fans expectations.


I pride in my professionalism and in the quality of service I deliver. As an experienced music Ghostwriter, I have in-depth knowledge and experience in every style that my clients need.




You might be wondering if it is necessary to hire a ghostwriter for your next music projects; the answer is a big YES!


Working with you on your next music project will be a fun filled, explorative and creative adventure for the following reasons:


●       I have 7 years of experience writing songs as a ghostwriter.

●       Being a music spiritualist, I find it easier to connect deeply to birth songs that will relay your ideas, as well awaken the joy in your listeners.

●       You will take all the credit! Of course, that’s why I am your Ghostwriter.

●       I will work alongside you. Your ideas are valid! I am good at teamwork, hence, we will create magic together.

●       Your genre is not a barrier for me.

●       Rapid delivery is guaranteed. I deliver quality songs at a speed of light.



My music ghostwriting service depicts remarkable expertise which lets you to achieve a prominent position before your fans. Expect nothing short of excellence when you subscribe to Music Ghostwriting by Debowat Reveir.


●       Fast Delivery of your work

●       Original Music Content creatively written for you.

●       Creativity and unique styles infused in your music projects.

●       Revisions to fine tune songs to your desire

Are you ready to hook the attention of your listeners and sustain it from the beginning to the end of your music? If yes, then it's time to take the bold step to book for my ghostwriting service.


Outsourcing your music needs to me will give you results that will exceed your expectations. In fact, I will incorporate storytelling to keep you and your listeners entertained and uplifted.


Level up your music career now with my Music ghostwriting service. Click the “BOOK NOW” button to get started.

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