Beginner Guitar Coaching


 “Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art.”

-Claude Debussy


Comprehensive Music Coaching

Are you looking for an instrument you or your child could learn how to play, but not sure of which to choose? Look no further! The guitar is the instrument for you! Learning how to play Guitar is an interesting way to find yourself rooted in music.


Through my well curated and value-packed Guitar lessons, you will gain in depth knowledge and skills on how to play like a pro on the Guitar. Of course, your guitar will be your new found love.


Wondering why you should learn how to play the guitar? Well, here are some reasons for you:




●       Playing the guitar is known to boost self-confidence. When you play the guitar regularly, your self confidence will improve, and you will find it easier to express your creativity.

●       The Guitar avails you the opportunity to play all styles of music, thus, you will be able to entertain a wide range of audience.

●       You can choose to play solo or in a band. This means you will get to meet a lot of people, and grow in the music industry.

●       It provides a great arm and hand workout as well.




Learning how to play a guitar with deBowat Reveur is a great step to becoming rooted in your music career. As an experienced Guitarist, I will coach you on how to be an expert in the Guitar world.


Take your music knowledge to a higher level by registering for these Guitar lessons. I am keen on providing all the details you need to know how to play efficiently. Interestingly, I specialize in all levels and styles of guitar: acoustic, electric, bass, lead, and many more!


Once you register and book, we will go through interactive sessions privately as we both go through the in and out of the legendary music instrument- the GUITAR!


When you register, you will enjoy the following:

●       One-on-one training sessions.

●       Personalized assessments of skills

●       Training on the different acoustic techniques

●       Professional guidance and feedback


You will also learn about the fundamental techniques of guitar such as chords, scales, while gaining knowledge on how to play the various genres.



I coach creative minds across all ages. From kids to teenagers and adults.


I offer both acoustic and electric guitar lessons, for all ages and abilities across all genres. Regardless of your age and what style of guitar you wish to learn, I will be able to provide you with specialized and tailored lessons. My mission is to help you level up your guitar playing skills and ensure you have fun along the way.





●       Duration:Weekly Sessions

●       Location: This guitar coaching program will be a private coaching session held online via zoom

●       Instructor: deBowat Reveur


Playing the guitar is a good emotional outlet and a great pathway to success in the music world. Are you ready to become a pro guitarist? Register for the Guitar Coaching by deBowat Reveur now.