“Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them.”

-Louis Armstrong


As an avid creator for artists, I take storytelling for my clients as an essential service for curating the next steps. For my services as a Librettist, I take on the role of a writer and storytelling by merging my relationship between text, music, and theater. Through my knowledgeable skills that are key in this profession, I formulate a space where together we compose a structure for your next big hit. While developing the music and narrative simultaneously, these sessions are used to paint a unique picture that resonates with everyone who has a moment with the piece.


What to Expect


In an effort to balance the artist's talent from the story, I fuse together a journey that the listener goes through to produce something that highlights impeccable talent and imagination. Each client is first walked through a cohesive understanding of librettists as a whole and the long-term benefits versus a simple songwriter. A good librettist understands that sometimes words tell the story better than music, whereas other times, the opposite is true. While the revision process is essential to producing strong work, these sessions showcase the importance of having a librettist that is sharp and a critical editor who isn't afraid to make changes and let go of ideas that don't pan out.


  • Intentional storytelling that resonates with the targeted audience

  • The opportunity to see your music flourish in a narrative background

  •  Understand modern operatic storytelling

  • Differentiate the idea of writing words for songs, versus telling a story

  • Understanding the Technical details of music and book writing

  • Relevance of music theory to performance

  • Enhance compositions with thoughtful ideas that  creating the overall structure and dramatic arc of the show, characters and scenario..

  •  Integration of song moments in organic and emotionally resonant ways



Why Work With Me?


Writing is the pillar to every story, regardless of the genre.


Choosing me as your librettist allows for in depth critical thinking to surround the overall storytelling of your talents. With so many narratives placed behind the sound, we work together to bring that story forward and showcase it to acquire a new sense of musical enjoyment. Over the past decade each word becomes a form of numbness that is overtaken by instruments and melodies, but in these sessions, everything is intentional.


I've got you covered for:


  • Authentic Storytelling: As your librettist, I will curate custom, enjoyable and original lyrics for your music.

  • Connections to Your Audience:Your sound creates a gathering, but the story cultivates a community of people who love what you have to say and are engaged from beginning to end.




At the beginning of the process of creating a new production, we work together to get a better sense of what the desired outcome looks like for the artist. Whether we need to tweak, add or omit materials, we do with intention throughout the entire session and ensure that a full story is told before we fully press play. From each vibration, instrument, lyric, and beat, nothing goes unnoticed and can unite as a chronicle for musical greatness that channels the artist to formulate their sound like never before.


Each session provides an opera libretto musical theatre book to assist in creating your own story and is used throughout the service. Along with a dramatic structure and text for how musical theater works, I work alongside your composers to enhance the moment you want to showcase. Making each moment count from beginning to end, I use my expertise to craft a performance that impacts your audience.

Wait no further to embark on this librettist adventure with me. Take the initial step by booking a consultation now.