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Music Training Services For Ensembles | deBowat Reveur

Ensemble Coaching

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 “To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time."

-Leonard Bernstein

Comprehensive Music Coaching

Music Performance Assessment and Coaching

We can conduct a thorough performance assessment of your ensemble to identify any areas of weakness and potential for development. Our experience with ensemble training can help elevate your students' performance to a superior level.


Our goal is to help fine-tune your ensemble to be successful, whether your ensemble is middle school-level, high school, or semi-professional. If you need guidance or assistance in how to better prepare your ensembles for festivals or competitions, deBowat Reveur is here for you!

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Types of Ensembles

Concert Band

Whether you are a beginner or looking for more advanced opportunities, our concert band wind ensembles bring out the best of your wind practice. Our 12 years of experience have helped many students increase their skills. 


Marching Band Ensemble

We provide ensemble training for marching bands, allowing you to create magic by combining the right beats. Marching bands must perform as a cohesive unit in order to be successful. Our coaching allows you to create a truly harmonious performance for your school or at any competition you choose to participate in. 


Orchestral Ensemble

We have trained orchestral clinicians with certifications in Florida ready to help elevate your orchestral practice from beginners to symphony level playing. 

Chamber Ensemble

Chamber ensembles draw inspiration from many schools of music and techniques. Our curriculum uses these styles to help improve your play. We can also create original arrangements for you to perform. 


Guitar Ensemble

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn and an integral part of most performing ensembles. Our guitar program can help players of all skill types. We focus on improving your technique while expanding your creative output. 


Benefits of Music Training for Ensembles

There are multiple benefits to immersing yourself in my musical ensemble coaching environment. My ensemble teaching helps bring your students to a superior level of play. Some other benefits include:

Connection and Trust

Part of being a successful ensemble is having trust and musical connections with your counterparts. This comes through practice and successful coaching. Our ensemble training programs will help build your ensemble into a cohesive unit. 


Bettering yourself as a musician involves unlocking your potential through confidence. By helping your ensemble members gain confidence, you will help them take their playing to the next level. The best way to gain confidence is by playing with others and having fun with what you create. My teaching model helps musicians bring the best out of themselves!


Growth is a core component of deBowat Reveur's coaching methods. Our programs will challenge your musicians in ways that help them grow to become a better ensemble for performances. 


What to Expect with our Ensemble Training Programs

From day one, expect to hone your collaborative skills and learn to improve your technical ability and creativity. Part of this includes learning some of the most well-known and loved musical arrangements. My focus is on giving teachers the tools they need to develop better ensemble coaching habits that translate to improved playing. 


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