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Juice WRLD Hyper Destruction of Descendants of Slaves

Updated: May 5, 2021

Who shall be damned but the wicked, said the man of authority, but what authority does he claim? He claims it to be his birthright. For centuries of years, White men have taken turns warring, destroying the World, while claiming it as their “birthright” to do so because they reign as Kings, only by killing and pillaging everyone in their path. They eventually become intelligent enough they devise new ways to murder you, your soul, and your legacy. That is the authority of White supremacy; it has the power to destroy a rainforest overnight and then move on to make it impossible to live in a country rich with resources. It is so talented that we “completely forget” that most of Africa are burning or becoming a desert, all of which can be repaired, but that would impede their plan. Juice WRLD mentions in “21” “…We keep on losing our legends to the cruel cold world, what is it coming to? The end of the world, is it coming soon?” Will it be an end for some or all? In many parts of the world, the rich are the only ones getting more affluent.

Third WRLD in First WRLD countries, if you squint, you cannot tell the difference. Sure capitalism gives us paper and plastic, just enough money to pretend like nothing is going on, so we can flex and buy “... some diamonds and pearls, yeah… entrapping our mind into… “this time I’m gon’ be quiet (This time). Ain’t nothing like the feeling of uncertainty, the eeriness of silence. This time, it was so unexpected. Last time, it was the drugs he was lacing…” So tyrannical that they killing our people with crack and heroin was just a start in the pharmaceutical wren. Swirled under the elusion not to make their killer legal, an agent for the CIA, a deadly weapon unto itself, opioids, fentanyl, back to heroin, except this time it is affecting their own white families. They love every second of your torment, as they get rich off the dead bodies and bringing them back to lifetime and time again. Their pockets get richer, fatter time and time again.

Nevertheless, they do not need to flex with diamonds and pearls because they own the mines and the lives of those who work it, like modern slaves, “all legends fall in the making sorry truth, dying young, demon youth.” So who are the slaves, all of us in the end? We are indeed just a colony in their galactic plan. Steadily focus on, “I’m tryna make it out, I’m tryna change the world. I’m tryna take her out. I’m tryna take your girl…” most forget that, “…more importantly, I’m tryna change the WRLD.” Now the WRLD is a danger, especially to those who see through the culture makers’ lines. Those more diabolical that they make the deities of fiendish look innocent. “Going through paranoia, so I always gotta keep a gun, Damn, that’s the world we live in now, yeah, hold on, just hear me out…” Who is to lay victim in the crisis of regime change war against no lives matter in true confidentiality? “Cause all the legends to seem to die out …” Chicago Midway on December 8th, passing from a seizure Juice WRLD, “… ain’t making past 21.” Like Romeo and Juliet, you were but an innocent love. Stricken with fear, you chose the poison, to a tragic demise. “Last time, it was the drugs he was lacing…” the bags were laced by whom do we ask? The same person who we presume made Juice WRLD want to be quiet? The explanation may not be found in the lyrics of music, but some have implied that perhaps Juice WRLD was mulling for some big music corporation who shall remain unnamed. My dear child, may you layeth to rest with the Lord, may your words live forever, not as an intuition into your perils, but has the foresight to the youth who grow up on the outer boundaries of culture, heeding the words of their ancestors. Juice WRLD may be dead, but his message will last an infinite. My biggest hope is that in 2000 years, we will still have an Earth to call home, and the music of Juice WLRD will always be listened to on repeat. Just how for 200 years Beethoven, a Creole or a Joseph Bologne-Chevalier de Saint-Georges, have heard, maybe our children will pass along the message of Juice WLRD, just as we have for Beethoven for generations and generations. Even still, it may take 100 years for his resurrection, but as with all things we think we are going to forget, a time, a place, an era, we bring it back in vogue fashion, so I look forward to the music of Juice WRLD forever.

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