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Ensemble Coaching

Ensemble Coaching

Take this golden opportunity to learn alongside creative minds like you (your co-choristers, schoolmates, colleagues etc) by enrolling in our Ensemble Coaching program.


Upon registration, you will be opportune to tap into the flowing resources of Debowat Reveur as you get to learn the intrinsic of music ensembles. Asides developing good musical reflexes, you will also learn the importance of being an effective and active team member.


For you to partake in the long list of benefits that accompanies Ensemble Music, you need to take the bold step today. You need to register now. BOOK NOW!


In my Jazz meditation class we will use Improvisation-based spectrum as a parts-to-whole approach to all-quadrants,  the whole-to-parts is meditation- driven. Improvisation, in other words, motivates transcendence and holistic integration from immersion in activity and meditation from the unmanifest wholeness of silence.

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