Private Tuba and Euphonium Lessons With DeBowat Reveur

Grow your musical expertise by taking our private tuba and euphonium lessons online

 “Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.”

-Johannes Brahms:

Holistic and Mindful Music Coaching: Become a Musical Maestro

Becoming a skilled and versatile musician involves more than improving your musical abilities by listening and understanding. At DeBowat Reveur, we can help you learn how to play an instrument through audiation. It’ll help you improve your sight-reading, allowing you to become more polished when you perform.

Apart from playing the instrument right, our audiation techniques and one-on-one coaching will help you play it your way. Our music classes are holistic and mindful to bring out the best version of you.


Tuba Classes

The tuba is not only the foundation of the brass family but also any symphonic orchestra or band. Since it’s the lowest-pitched brass instrument, it sets the tone for the whole ensemble. Our tuba lessons enhance your musical instincts, helping you improve your performance in the orchestra.

During the tuba classes, our instructor will present you with both familiar and unfamiliar tuba patterns and have you respond with patterns of your own. We can also refine your tuba skills so you can be confident enough to take opportunities as a soloist or an ensemble and chamber performer. Whether you’re a tuba beginner or have little expertise in playing the instrument, our tuba instructors will craft lessons to match your skill level. The cost of tuba lessons will depend on the number of sessions you take up.

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Euphonium Classes

The euphonium is one of the most versatile instruments you can play. Similar to the tuba, you can switch off between the two. But you’ll notice it frequently has solos and melodic lines in orchestra and band, plus it plays a little bit higher. Because of its similarity to the tuba, euphonium and tuba players usually study with the same teachers.

Our euphonium instructor combines extensive experience and passion for the instrument to develop your technique and love for the instrument. We’ll not only teach you how to recognize and perform euphonium patterns within written chord symbols but also how to write your own responses to tonal and rhythm patterns. Our goal is to ensure you explore your creativity and talents with every euphonium lesson.

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Why Choose DeBowat Reveur as Your Music Coach?


Qualified and Experienced Instructor

Our instructor is an award-winning music educator, performer, composer, and artist developer with professional performance experience. By incorporating music mindfulness into our lessons, we ensure our students get the most out of the sessions. Apart from our expertise, we’re also warm and friendly throughout the training sessions.



We understand that our students may have busy lives. This is why we offer flexible online lessons. You don’t have to attend a face-to-face class to learn tuba or euphonium.


Personalized Lessons

Depending on your age and skill level, our music coach will adjust his teaching style to suit your needs. Before the sessions start, we’ll discuss your musical goals. This allows us to customize your instrumental music lessons to achieve these goals.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We assure you that your instrumental music lessons will be a success when you work with us. Our goal is that you excel in playing your tuba or euphonium.

Expert Music Coach for Your Tuba and Euphonium Lessons

Want to learn the tuba or euphonium? DeBowat Reveur has got your back. You can not only learn how to play your instruments will but also the best way to express yourself while performing.

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