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Jazz Transcendenal Meditation

Music meditation of creativity and consciousness

  • 30 min
  • 35 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Life can be overwhelming at times, and with all the noise that goes around us, finding a moment to embrace stillness and connect with yourself can become tricky. Yet, creating space for it in your everyday life is so beneficial to your wellbeing. To experience peace of mind, embracing stillness and mindfulness is important. Jazz Meditation is a great way to create and experience inner stillness despite what the external experiences may bring. Allowing yourself to sit in peace, listening to the peaceful sounds of jazz, until it becomes more natural and easeful is a great way to practice stillness. When you practice stillness more often, the results will be: ★ More responsiveness to life from joy, authenticity, and openness. ★ Increased Self-trust. ★ Reduced anxiety ★ Increased Productivity In my 30 minute Jazz meditation class we will use Improvisation-based spectrum as a parts-to-whole approach to all-quadrants, the whole-to-parts is meditation- driven., “oneness with all quadrants,” or the full interior-exterior scope of cosmic wholeness.” Bring an instrument, but not required.

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