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Enhance Your Music Production and Develop as an Artist

Make the Music You Were Destined To Create With the Spiritual Guidance and Music Coaching From deBowat Reveur.

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Grow and Develop With Our Artist Development Program

Custom Music

Get the high-quality personalized attention your music deserves with a variety of bespoke services from industry professionals. Expert music production will bring the finishing touches to your music.

Add Custom Beats and Compositions to your songs or utilize our experienced Ghost Writing for the perfect lyrics you've been searching for. Transform your notes into a playable song with our accurate transcription and music arrangement. Help your story come to life with our essential Librettist services. 

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Expand your creativity and make space for calm and clarity with our meditation and reading classes. Jazz Transcendental Meditation will take you on a journey to self-reflection and mental wellness manifestation. Music Prophet Reading from eBowat Reveur will relay messages to you about your visions and sounds that make up who you will become in the industry.

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Music Coaching

Build your artist persona and grow into your music career with our Artist Development. Achieve your dream of learning how to play the guitar with our Beginner Guitar Coaching. Become a master of the classical musical instruments the tuba and euphonium with our Tuba-Euphonium Coaching.

Experience immense musical joy with fellow musicians in our Ensemble Coaching. Find the right words for your songs and express your musical emotions with our Songwriting Coaching. Be an important part of the music world by equipping yourself with this historical skill of Music Composition.

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Book Online

We understand it can be difficult to find the time to get out of the house or find a good enough music coach nearby. This is why we offer our expert services online so you can develop as an artist from the comfort of your home. Use our quick and simple online booking process to find and book the best program for you. 

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Shop Online

If you're not sure exactly what date you would like to conduct the coaching, you can still purchase the course and contact us later to schedule. Or you could purchase one of our services as the most wonderful gift to a loved one in search of musical clarity. Simply select a course, add to cart, complete payment, and save it for later.

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As a full-service music educator and spiritual guidance coaching service, we offer many learning platforms to expand your knowledge. Our many blog posts offer incredible insights into the diverse world of music and spirituality. Discover influential legends in music who helped shape the scene of modern music.

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Audio Resources

Discover the immense diversity and spiritual complexity of deBowat Reveur's compositions. These snippets of his thought-provoking music offer an insight into his journey of music spirituality that you can join. Close your eyes, relax and lose yourself in his creations.

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Reliable and Experienced

Receive expert training in music production from leading industry professionals. deBowat Reveur is an award-winning music educator, performer, composer, and artist developer. deBowat obtained a Masters in Music Education from the University of Michigan in 2016. Now he wants to share his expertise with you so you can discover your potential in music production. He realized the pressing need for transdisciplinary artist development and multidisciplinary music production and decided to fill the gap in the industry. 


Coaching For All Ages

Here at deBowat Reveur, there’s something for everyone, no matter your age. We have music coaching that fits nearly all of your musical needs and your interests – for the elementary school, high school, or college student, as well as the young professional, career adult, or retiree. 


Comprehensive Training

Our programs combine classical training, mindfulness, spiritual meditation, and comprehensive musical understanding will assist musicians in facilitating their unique music-making identity. This allows beginner artists up to semi-professionals to create authentic stories through music.

From one of our Music Prophet readings and Artist Development to Beginner Guitar Coaching and Tuba-Euphonium Coaching, we have a program to suit you. Check out our full list of opportunities or contact 


Simple Booking Process

Life is busy and complicated so we wanted to keep things simple for your music development. Accessing our specialist music coaching couldn't be easier with our online booking system. Simply go to our Book Online page and find a professional music coaching course that suits your needs. Choose an available date on the calendar, click next and complete your booking details. 

If you can't find an available date that suits you, email and we'll find a date for you. Our training programs are conducted online so you can discover your true musical talent from the comfort of your own home. 

What Makes deBowat Reveur Unique? 

We are a different music coaching service because of deBowat’s spiritual gift of being clairaudient. He uses this gift of hearing the spirits surrounding us to guide musicians and creatives to make the music they were destined to create and share with the world. Our programs combine classical training, mindfulness, spiritual meditation, and comprehensive musical understanding will assist musicians in facilitating their unique music-making identity.

This allows beginner artists up to semi-professionals to create authentic stories through music. Through songwriting coaching, instrumental coaching, and artist development, we offer learning opportunities with a unique allure for people of all ages. Our online coaching makes it easy and accessible to expand your knowledge and develop your music in your own time. 

deBowat Reveur

deBowat Reveur

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What Our Clients Say

Our clients enjoy diving deep into their potential to realize their true sound so they can grow. We love working with clients from all over the world and of all ages to help everyone develop and share their talent. 

First-time customers become lifelong clients and friends as we help them on their journey to become the musician they were born to be. Here's what some of them say about our services:


"I am so pleased with this product. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant, and most of all hassle-free! Music lessons did exactly what you said it does. I didn't even need training."

Brittany H.

"I would gladly return for more guitar coaching. As a beginner with no prior training, I was nervous, but deBowat made the experience so fun and enjoyable! Thank you."


"I am seeing a difference in my life each day more and more because of my jazz meditation sessions. Thank you deBowat for all of your help!" 

Join our community of artists and enjoy continued support throughout your entire music career.




Discover Your True Sound

With our expert guidance and coaching techniques, you will discover the musician you were always meant to be. Develop your music, enhance your music production and expand your horizons for your future career in music.

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